Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011 - ST 4442

Puzzle at a Glance
Puzzle Number in The Sunday Times
ST 4442
Date of Publication in The Sunday Times
Sunday, July 17, 2011
Link to Full Review
Times for the Times [ST 4442]
Times for the Times Review Written By
Dave Perry
Date of Publication in the Toronto Star
Saturday, August 13, 2011


I needed a bit of electronic help to complete this puzzle. The clues that caused me grief were also among those mentioned as being troublesome by some of the Brits writing at Times for the Times. These were primarily those located in the northeast quadrant as well as the phrase (new to me) at 20d/17a.

Today's Errata

15a   One leaves Tia Maria with German to be shaken up for a cocktail (9)

It would appear that "German" may have accidentally infiltrated this clue from the following one. I would think that the clue was intended to read:
  • 15a   One leaves Tia Maria with Greek to be shaken up for a cocktail (9)
Today's Glossary

Selected abbreviations, people, places, words and expressions appearing in today's puzzle.

[An asterisk beside an entry merely indicates that it has been taken it from a Cumulative Glossary of entries which have previously appeared, in either this blog or its companion blog, the National Post Cryptic Crossword Forum.]

Appearing in Clues

Meanings listed in this section may reflect how the word is used in the surface reading of the clue. Of course, that meaning may be contributing to the misdirection that the setter is attempting to create.

bottle - noun 2 British informal the courage or confidence needed to do something difficult or dangerous: I lost my bottle completely and ran

chippy - noun informal 2 British a carpenter.

Appearing in Solutions

autobahn - [American Heritage Dictionary] noun An expressway in Germany and German-speaking countries.

batwoman - noun a female attendant or cleaner serving an officer in the British services.

David Beckham - English footballer who plays midfield for Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer, having previously played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, and A.C. Milan, as well as the England national team, for whom he holds the all-time appearance record for an outfield player.

Cerberus - [Collins English Dictionary] noun 1. Greek mythology a dog, usually represented as having three heads, that guarded the entrance to Hades; a sop to Cerberus a bribe or something given to propitiate a potential source of danger or problems.

Gr. - abbreviation Greek.

Great Seal - a seal used for the authentication of state documents of the highest importance. That of the UK is held by the Lord Chancellor and that of the US by the Secretary of State.

Mohican1 (North American Mohawk) - noun a hairstyle with the head shaved except for a strip of hair from the middle of the forehead to the back of the neck, typically stiffened to stand erect or in spikes. [Origin: (1960s) erroneously associated with the American Indian people  (see Huron)]

tallith - noun a fringed shawl traditionally worn by Jewish men at prayer.

Commentary on Today's Puzzle

25a   Left in charge of small architectural feature (7)

The wordplay is PORT (left) + IC (in charge) + O (of small; i.e., a cryptic way of saying the first letter of the word "Of").

27a   Aida, for example - extremely tiresome work (7)

The wordplay is OPERA (Aida, for example) + TE (extremely tiresome; i.e., a cryptic way of saying the first and last letters of the word "TiresomE").

Signing off for this week - Falcon

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