Friday, June 6, 2014

Signing Off For All Time


I returned from my recent travels to discover that during my absence the powers-that-be at the Ottawa Citizen had totally revamped the newspaper. Among the changes made was the discontinuance of The Sunday London Times Crossword feature.

I am sure that the scrapping of this feature has done much to elevate the intellectual level of the paper — not to mention making room for such erudite additions as Love and the Stars. I suppose giving up our weekly crossword puzzle is a small price for us cruciverbalists to pay to ensure that the love lives of the citizens of Ottawa unfold in accordance with the dictates of the stars.

This blog existed for almost exactly five years — the first posting appearing on May 17, 2009. The last entry for which a puzzle actually exists is that of May 18, 2014. The entry for May 25, 2014 forecast the appearance of a puzzle that was not published.

In conclusion, I would like to thank those who have followed this blog, especially those who left comments from time to time.

Signing off — Falcon


  1. Falcon. Many thanks for several years fun and amusement. I have learned a lot about cross words and about English slang and it has been very enjoyable. I cannot imagine what possessed the Citizen unless there were many fewer of us than I thought. I am really sorry for Alan Lee who did the other cryptic. His work was steadily improving and becoming more and more worth our time. I hope you find another place to practice your pasttime. You might want to look at the Telegraph Toughie as it has a lot of followers and a couple of bloggers

  2. Thank you for your note. It is gratifying to know that one's efforts have been appreciated. I now concentrate on the Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crossword and the Cox & Rathvon Cryptic Crossword puzzles that are carried by the National Post (although the editors do not acknowledge the source of the former puzzle). You can find my blog on those puzzles at National Post Cryptic Crossword Forum.

  3. Came across your website while looking for a The Globe and Mail answer and did actually find it haha. I guess recycling older crosswords is a thing :)

    Some websites that I found around and might help other than your new one:
    Daily Crossword Solver
    Donald's Blog

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